Please read or browse through my detailed FAQ page.It will answer most questions you may have in regards to your wedding or you can call me on 0415 924 598.

FAQ | Bronte | Sydney Marriage Celebrant Gary Mooney
Hi Gary
We had a wonderful wedding and you were trully amazing Gary, you made Rob and I feel so relaxed and knew exactly when to make us laugh and smile, you knew when to calm me down and when to get me to pay attention and not get the nerves to take over. Thank you for all your assistance leading up to the wedding and your professionalism.
Thank you for organising everything and you made the process very easy.

Once again thank you and all the best.
Sally and Rob
FAQ | Bronte | Sydney Marriage Celebrant Gary Mooney

Choosing a Celebrant and when should I choose one?

Of course the selection process for a suitable Celebrant is a personal one. You want your special day perfect. I feel that I have the experience and diversity that sets me apart from others.
I have many ideas and can lead you successfully through one of the most important days of your life.

In terms of when to choose a Celebrant? You should do this ASAP. I get bookings up to one year ahead at times and certain months of the year I get booked out in advance.


Why Choose a Celebrant ?


The answer is very simple. Flexibility. In 2013 , 66% of Australians getting married chose Civil Celebrants.


In 2016 that figure is now 80% of the population are choosing Celebrants.


Using a Celebrant enables you to create your ideal dream wedding breaking away from the traditional service.

You can marry at any place or venue at any time.

Couples these days opt for personal, professional, stress free wedding ceremony experience.

That is where I come in. The "sky" is the limit and every ceremony with myself facilitating is tailor made to suit the couple.



What does your price include?
• All legal paperwork & requirements
• Contact & meet with you whenever required
• Construction of your personalised ceremony

• All correspondence via e-mail and telephone and face to face

• Selection of Vows, Readings & Poems
• Rehearsal at your request
• A professional Mipro portable PA system
• Conduct your Ceremony according to Australian Law
• Register your Marriage with Births Deaths and Marriages

There are many additonal extras that I provide that others charge for.

I do not do the "add ons" as others can do.


What documents will we need to provide?​​    

If you were born in Australia I will need to sight your Australian Passport or the original Birth Certificate .I will also need photo copies as well.

I will also need to sight photo identification such as a drivers license.

If you were born overseas I would need to sight and have a copy of your Overseas Passport or birth certificate.

If you have been married before I will have to sight and have a copy of your original certificate of divorce.

If any of these documents be in a foreign language then you will need to provide a certified translation in English.   

 A Aaustra












How long will the ceremony last for?
Most ceremonies run for approximately 30 mins from start to finish. Some couples ask for a shorter ceremony and some couples request a longer ceremony. I always encourage a family member or friend to do at least one reading. This gives that person a sense of inclusion in the ceremony and takes the “spotlight” off the couple for a moment which can serve to calm the nerves. It works every time. As Civil Celebrants are primarily about flexibility, I can tailor a ceremony to suit your needs. I can include any denominational theme if required and I have experience in most areas.

Do you have any ideas about wedding locations and settings? 

I have married couples at nearly all of Sydney’s premier wedding venues,parks ,and beaches.I have an abundant knowledge of all of Sydney’s locations.I have also have a few little secret private spots that will surprise and delight!

I get nervous in front of crowds and I am scared of public speaking:
You are in very good hands here. I am not a Celebrant who just simply reads a ceremony. I have the ability to gauge where couples are at emotionally during the ceremony .In other words whatever the emotion on the day, you will be guided professionally through without any stress.At the points in the ceremony where the bride and groom have to speak, (Asking ,Vows and Rings) it is simply a process where you will be repeating after me and no memory or stress is required. "My boat has no holes" and we will sail through the ceremony with professionalism and no stress.

Do we need a wet weather back up plan?



Absolutely! I have a very good record with weather and I have only had 2 weddings that have been" rained out" and the actual venue needed to be changed at the last minute.With anything that held outdoors,especially weddings,it is very wise to have a wet weather alternative just in case.



I am  firm believer in making everyone feel involved and catered for.If this is case please let me know and I can give many suugestions on making sure your parents are involved and welcomed.I have had many language components included in my weddings.Languages that are common are Chinese ( both Mandarin and Cantonese),Japanese and Korean.I have seen many times when parents who do not speak English hear their native language and they feel valued and involved.It can be as simple as a welcome to the parents or guests.It can also be dual laguage ceremony.

Ther are plenty of possibilities.


Do you do conduct same sex unions ?


Yes I have conducted and facilitaed same sex unions.I am more than willing to make same sex couples

day extra special and I have many ideas and suggestions that can make your day memorable.

Either call or email me direct and all questions will be answered professionally.


FAQ | Bronte | Sydney Marriage Celebrant Gary Mooney

 Our parents cannot speak English 

FAQ | Bronte | Sydney Marriage Celebrant Gary Mooney
FAQ | Bronte | Sydney Marriage Celebrant Gary Mooney
FAQ | Bronte | Sydney Marriage Celebrant Gary Mooney
FAQ | Bronte | Sydney Marriage Celebrant Gary Mooney

We’ve been to weddings where we cannot hear the ceremony:
I am firm believer in adhering to our Celebrants Code of practice: “everyone has to hear the ceremony”.
I have a state of the art wireless system which can accommodate 250 guests if needed.
I conduct a pre- ceremony sound check and I also ask the congregation if they can all hear me.

How do we choose the music?
Some people use musicians and singers. I have even had jugglers and tuba players as well. That element is great. However, I can still play that special processional song through my PA via an Ipod to create that special moment before and after the ceremony. This is done free of charge and if you are stuck for a song or title, I have loads of suggestions.


Hi Gary ,

we both wanted to say thank you again for doing such a fantastic job with the ceremony, and for guiding us through the process so smoothly. From the very start you were so accommodating, made us feel comfortable and made it very easy for us to understand the process. We also really appreciate that you kept us both so calm at the rehearsal and on the day, it's was really nice to know that we had you to rely on. The tone of the ceremony was also so lovely and light - we've had many compliments. Thanks! Rose and Anthony

We are living overseas and want to marry in Sydney?  What shall we do?

Perfect choice! A Sydney wedding is very hard to beat.If you are overseas, then we can talk on Skype and also correspond via e-mail as well.I have married many couples from overseas and I keep the process seamless and stress free.If you were born overseas,then a Passport is needed or a birth certificate.If you were born in Australia,a birth certificate or an Australian Passport is needed also

I  have organised weddings for couples who live in the UK, USA, Germany, France ,Indonesia, Singapore,Korea, Manila and Canada and New Zealand.Just ask and I can give alot more information.

Do we have to write our own Vows?

Once the Goverment component has been said, then the rest of the Vows are what is called “free format”.
In other words, I can supply many different examples of Vows ,or you can make  up your own. Or you may even choose to say what you feel on the day. There is a lot of flexibility and you will be guided through the process by myself. I make it all easy and fun.


Who can be a witness at our wedding?

Anybody who is 18 years and over is eligible to be a witness for the Marriage Certificates.I feel to be asked to be a witness is a huge honour so give it alot of thought and ask someone that is special to you.Again all aspects of the protocol with weddings are explained by me and made very simple.



Do you do Registry Style weddings :
Yes I do.I keep Thursday - Fridays and Saturday mornings available
for registry style wedding lower cost weddings.

The couple and 2 witnesses are all that is needed and these weddings are done in my office or overlooking world famous Bondi Beach .Please ask as the price is a similar price to what is offered at the Registry Office but alot more fun.

What time will Gary the Celebrant be there on the day?
Our code of practice states that Celebrants have to be at a ceremony a minimum of 20 mins before the starting time. I am always at the ceremony 30 -45 mins before. I was born early!  I feel this works well because the first person I see on the day is always the groom and I like to make sure he is feeling settled and ready for the ceremony.


Can you include a prayer or religous component in our wedding?
That is not a problem what so ever.I have conducted Catholic,Anglican,Christian,Muslim,Jewish,Seven Day Adventists,Budhist and Hindu themed ceremonies.I have the experience and diversity to adapt to any type and

style of ceremony the couple wishes.

We want to marry in the Hunter Valley or Southern Highlands and you are in Sydney?

All meetings and rehearsals can be done face to face in Sydney. This is a huge advantage to the couple. By the time you marry in these amazing places we hopefully would have gained great rapport and will be very familiar with each other. Accepting Celebrants from out of Sydney can be a bit awkward when there has been minimal contact through the whole process.




Why did you become Celebrant Gary?

FAQ | Bronte | Sydney Marriage Celebrant Gary Mooney
FAQ | Bronte | Sydney Marriage Celebrant Gary Mooney
FAQ | Bronte | Sydney Marriage Celebrant Gary Mooney
FAQ | Bronte | Sydney Marriage Celebrant Gary Mooney

The answer is simple.I like to help people.This has been my big chance in life to connect and look after couples.I  believe I have the ability to help people get through one of the biggest days of their lives in a calm,professional manner.This gives me the greatest satisfaction.There is nothing more satisfying to have a couple say to me after a wedding "Thanks Gary for all of your help you were such a big part of our day".This is Priceless 100% ! 


Please call me on 0415 924 598 for a no obligation chat about your wedding.

FAQ | Bronte | Sydney Marriage Celebrant Gary Mooney